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Posted on October 14 2015

I can only speak from my own personal experience, so here goes everything.  I never thought in a million years that my body would grow to a point where I needed to purchase even one maternity garment, let alone a whole wardrobe.  I've seen what's out there, it's not great!  I laugh out loud when I look back at pictures of me while I was pregnant (with my first) and what I see now in those photos is way worse than I remember.  I'll spare your eye balls and my embarrassment by not posting these images; I'll leave it to your imagination.  Maybe someday when I care less I can share but for now, they are just for me to brood over and fuel further inspiration.

My first reasonable thought was that I could just buy the next size bigger.  The next month I thought the same thing.  I looked ridiculous trying to fit into clothes that were not designed for the specific purpose of a growing bump.  I tried to justify holding off by saying “I don't know how I’m going to grow or what I’ll look like in a couple of months”.  I wasn't the only person that had ever been pregnant, why couldn't I trust the fact that maybe somebody else could dress my bump better than I could.  I knew my body and how to dress it, but this wasn't my body!  I was being invaded by my new baby's body and a few extra pounds of boobs and stuff.

I finally broke down and went to the store in the mall, the one that takes all your money plus your first born at checkout.  I bought myself a maternity wardrobe that cost me the equivalent of a mortgage payment, if not the down payment.  I bought everything the sales girl was selling but did I once ask her if she had ever been pregnant?  No!  I just assumed she knew what she was talking about from first hand experience.  Boy o boy, was I wrong, she may have well had been a guy!  She sold me tops that were too big, pants that were too small and nothing was geared towards comfort and longevity.  How does this happen?  After all they were maternity clothes, right?  I found out years later that this leading maternity store bought maternity "friendly" garments from top designers and would sew in their label and passed it off as maternity.  They'd also sell premium denim that they cut the top off of and sew a belly band into them and charge even more than premium price.  That should be illegal.  That's like cutting the top off a car and selling it as a convertible.  I used to joke around that the trademarked name of these pants must have been intended to be funny because the secret is they don't fit.

As my pregnancy progressed I again thought I knew better, I purchased items from Target, Old Navy, etc. They weren't made well and they fit poorly but at least they didn't cost much.  My husband’s bathrobe worked, my dad's old shirts did too.  I finally learned what was most comfortable, I have pictures to prove it and no you still can't see them, that hasn’t changed.  Alas, I was finally done with my pregnancy and I made it through this experience...  Wrong again!  I needed a postpartum/nursing wardrobe too.  In the end every last article of clothing I purchased was tossed away for the junk that it was.

When my daughter was one, we left our beloved San Diego and moved to Boulder.  I again found out I was pregnant and discovered a plethora of amazing brick and mortar maternity boutiques that were owner operated.  They cared about their customers and their reputation.  They wouldn't let me walk out of the store looking like a fool in clothes that wouldn't last or be comfortable.  These clothes were quality all the way around and guess what...They were more reasonably priced than that mall store.  And I have a little secret, and this time it's no joke.  I still wear some of these amazing pieces.

Being pregnant is different for everyone, I couldn't trust myself, my few friends that had been pregnant, or a sales person.  That was me.  That may always be me.  But I did find I could trust someone that has seen thousands of women going through the miracle of pregnancy.  Those boutiques changed my life.  I came back home with my husband and my two kids in tow to open a boutique that can help other women going through what I went through.  San Diego must always have comfortable, locally made, easily washed and loved maternity clothes that can take you through the earliest stages of pregnancy through nursing and beyond.

Please stop by so I (Tammy) can share the rest of my secrets with you.  If I'm not here Geraldine (Gery) is.  We both have two babies and combined we have more years experience than we'll ever admit.  Oh, and ask us to see the photos, maybe we'll show you. J

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